Active Child’s debut full-length album, You Are All I See, is a mix of spiral sounds and cooing synths pulling in your ears and overflowing them with ambience. The album, produced by Active Child’s Pat Grossi, bridges the gap between the musician and the audience.

Acting as a follow-up to 2010’s acclaimed Curtis Lane EP, You Are All I See has been a much-anticipated release for all Active Child fans. Taking two years to craft the album, Grossi has penned songs that reflect love, loss, relationships and heartbreak. Tracks to take in and absorb include “Hanging On,” “Way Too Fast” and “Playing House.”

Download your copy of You Are All I See from iTunes, or catch the band live in support of their album. The band currently has a Monday night residency at the Echo, and they’ll kick off a tour through the south to the northeast until the end of September.

You Are All I See is currently available.