Icon For Hire’s debut album, Scripted, quickly establishes the irony reflected in today’s radio waves by combining sarcastic, tongue-in cheek lyrics with lifestyles and cultural society. Frontwoman Ariel’s pop-driven voice arrives clear and solid from beginning to end, layering multiple vocals into every track. The fast paced guitar riffs are surrounded by heavy instrumental melodies consumed with pop and rock energy. Synthesizers add an important role to their musical core, bonding the crashing cymbal drumbeats with aggressive undertones.

Their lyrical content expels encouragement and confidence with a strong optimistic outlook. Ariel’s colorful and animated personality bleeds through each song, highlighting her chant-driven style in “Make A Move” and “Off With Her Head.” The bulky basslines are easily identified without becoming redundant. Scripted is equipped with enough momentum to carry itself into a wider audience and stay trapped inside head banging minds long after the 11 songs end.

Scripted is currently available.