Now that school is officially underway, students have a lot to look forward to this semester. With football season days away tailgating is on everyone’s mind … that and campus parties and festivities. But for some students who didn’t get their football tickets in time, standing in the ticket line might be the least of their problems.

The one thing that can put a damper on fall fun is lack of funds. Having a campus job is a must for most of the student body. Some students can qualify for work-study while others need a consistent check coming in. Not to fear though, USC has plenty of places on campus that are hiring both work-study students and non work-study students.

If you missed the work-study job fair and are still looking for a job, not to worry. The library is hiring work-study students; one position they have available is to be a security guard. One can go to to apply and submit a resume. It’s a good position, obviously very quiet. Scheduling hours are pretty easy: They give you a blank slate every week so you can fill in your availability. They are pretty flexible and understand that in the student life you can’t always predict your life week by week. So you make your own hours and make money on the time that you have free.

Another place that is hiring is Trojan Grounds/Ground Zero. They’re hiring for a few positions including: ushering for events, public relations, receptionist for scheduling and more. I actually applied there, and it seemed like a very good place to be. Its location is near the Alumni House behind Registration. It’s pretty secluded, but it’s very sociable once school gets started. Some bands perform there; there are good drinks being served and a place to hang out with your friends. So, imagine working there? It’s a good way to meet people and become involved within campus itself.

If you want a job working directly with students, well, you can always apply to the USC Bookstore and/or Parkside. USC has jobs for everything, from giving tours to checking you out at the bookstore.

If you visit and scroll down to jobs you can go ahead and apply online for multiple positions. You can do the same with applying to the Credit Union whose offices are above the Café 84. Make sure that you make a good first impression so that once you leave that job you can maintain those professional connections.

Depending on what your strengths are make sure you can apply them to your job, thus building up your resume. I personally applied to many on campus until I found a good fit. I worked at Annenberg for a while on the Web site and in public relations/student affairs. Through this job, I was able to work on my editing and writing skills and was able to cover various events on campus.

But this fall semester I am working with SCcallers. At SCcallers I will call alumni and ask them to donate money to the school. One of the main reasons why I took this job was because it helps me improve my people and customer service skills. Their location is at University Village across the street from USC. That’s another place where you can find jobs. There are plenty of USC-related stores there, as well as clothing stores, grocery stores etc. where you can apply as well.

But one thing you have to remember is that you are a student first and an employee second. As important as it is to get your phone bill and your rent paid on time, going to class and getting good grades are most crucial. By doing that, you ensure that you won’t have a job the rest of your life, rather a career.

Campus life is full of surprises, and it does feel nice to have a little money in your pocket for parties, food and tailgating. But in the words of my mother, “Money isn’t everything, and remember school comes first.” Now that may sound a little juvenile but someone did tell me that moms know best.

So now that you have the information you need, use it wisely.