Eating good meals might be the most important factor in adjusting to a new life in college. Good food entices our senses, fills our appetites and boosts our energy to study and learn. While each college provides a myriad of food choices and eating options, it never hurts to have just one more plan. The Web site aids students in ordering food from nearby restaurants online.

At UCLA, if you live in a dorm on-campus, then you have five different meal plan options: 11 cub, 14 regular, 14 premier, 19 regular and 19 premier. The premier plans allow you to swipe your Bruincard into a dinning hall or the cafés anytime you wish. You can even swipe your friends in too! Premier is indeed very useful and convenient, but it is also very costly. The regular plans limit your eating times to dining hall schedules and breakfast, lunch and dinner schedules. The 11 meals a week plan is a bit too little unless you plan on eating out often.

UCLA’s dining halls are Covel, De Neve, Rieber and Hedrick. These are buffet style and open and close according to a specific schedule for breakfast, lunch,and dinner. The dining halls have great food from every cuisine you can imagine: Covel specializes in pastas, De Neve has a great variety of foods, Hedrick has organic salads and sushi, while Reiber is the newly remodeled dining hall. Other dorm options are Bruin Café, which is where you can eat sandwiches, wraps, salads and drink coffee and smoothies. Another is Café 1919, where you can eat delicious paninis and pizzas and treat yourself to gelato or tiramisu. At Rendezvous, you have two cuisines, Mexican and Asian, where you can eat there or take-out. Rendezvous is open until midnight. Lastly, for when you are hungry late at night but your dorm is too far from Rendezvous, De Neve Late Night is open from 9 p.m.-midnight, providing hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit salads, pizzas and chicken nuggets along with milkshakes.

Although UCLA does offer many food options for students, there will be times when you will just want to try something else for a change. A convenient and inexpensive way is to order food from nearby restaurants in Westwood through Campusfood. Each student can go onto the Web site and sign up freely. Then simply click on the campus, and all the restaurants that are part of the Campusfood network will appear. Now all that is left to do is order food and wait for delivery.

Each week there will be special coupons from those restaurants too. Each student who uses Campusfood will earn points toward prizes. Fortunately, Campusfood is even offering a special deal to UCLA students: Students can purchase $20 worth of coupons for only $5 at! Your parents can purchase $100 worth of coupons for $75.

Campusfood has 28 restaurants near UCLA. If you like Thai food, there are Chilli Thai, Emporium Thai Cuisine (which is amazingly savory) and Westwood Thai Café. If you are craving Indian food, there are India’s Oven, Jaipur and Nizam of India. Also, you can order pizza from California Fresh Pizza, pasta from Lucia’s, sandwiches from Quizno’s and hot dogs from Hoagies & Wings. So whether you are looking for Chinese, Japanese or Italian food, Campusfood can help.

Campusfood is the broadest-reaching college food network. Nearly 400 campuses partake in Campusfood. By ordering breakfast, lunch and dinner online, Campusfood has become another “Meal Plan” option for students. Moreover, students can order whatever food they want at any time! Students can eat their food wherever they are whether they are in their dorm room or on campus.