The hard rockers from the Big Apple return with a musical blitzkrieg attack. Their modern-rock layouts blend infectious harmonies with heart-pounding drumbeats within the first minute of play. Lead singer Sal Scoca’s vocals are contagious throughout the album, igniting energy and catchy choruses with ear shattering screams.

A strong presence of classic rock spreads like wild fire in multiple songs, clearly citing their influential roots and musical upbringing. Their romantically inspired ballads leave a dark atmosphere without appearing vulnerable or exposed. The lyrics arrive from a dark and tormented point of view, making it a perfect scenario for an angst-motivated audience.

The album screams for a live audience, leaving listeners salivating for a circle pit of destruction, sweat and sore muscles. Although the timing can sometimes feel outdated, the violent guitar riffs and electronic insanity makes it a highly enjoyable album for all rockers.

II is currently available.