Lady Luck seemed to smile upon a pair of naïve simpletons, Jake and Charlie, when a big-budget Hollywood film takes their small village in County Kerry, Ireland, by storm. Offered the chance of a lifetime, working as extras, these two are about ready for that close-up with all the glamour Hollywood has to offer, in the Award-winning play, “Stones in His Pockets.”

Actors Andrew Friedman (Charlie) and Jerry Richardson (Jake), juggle 15 other characters, aside from the protagonists; no one is to foresee who they will become next. Charlie dreams of seeing his script come alive on the big screen. On the other hand, Jake desires nothing more than to be a film star.

Friedman metamorphoses between Caroline Giovanni, the starlet of the film, her bodyguard “The Heavy” and Simon, the director. Richardson shuffles to and from Mickey, one of the oldest surviving extras from The Quiet Man, to Aisling, the over-eager assistant director.

Full of laughs at the absurdity of being on set, Charlie and Jake get caught right in the middle. With Charlie going on a cocaine frenzy and Jake’s flirtation with Caroline, they unknowingly walk towards Hollywood’s path of disillusion.

A dark, comical and touching play, “Stones in His Pockets” lacks a sense of direction. Too many times it switches back to minor characters that don’t move the story forward, not to mention it’s a bit overwhelming and disorienting of who’s who.

After a new appreciation of set design, the absence of color and life of the set may seem uninteresting and dull. However, it is the perfect realization of the metaphoric oppression of impoverished people led on by unattainable dreams.

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