Untitled Document Goldie cosmetics are somewhat of a conundrum. Does the line imbue prep or punk? And more importantly, should we even care? Nyeh. Goldie is cool and that’s all that matters.

We met with creators Dineh Mohajer and Jeanne Chavez and got to check out all the awesome products, packaging and, of course, their glowing personalities. You can truly tell how Goldie got started, with their opposing ideas merging into a beautiful yin-yang team.

As always, one of our favorite products has to do with the lips. After perusing all the products, we determined that Goldie’s Lip Kit is just about the perfect gift for any girl because it’s so complete. Inside a tri-fold compact, there’s an exfoliator, hydrator, plumper, stain and gloss – and a mirror. (In fact, in just about every product Goldie offers there’s a mirror – it’s about time!) Available in two themes, the lip kit ($22) comes in the bright Luxe and the more natural Pinkie. Also be sure to check out the nail lacquer ($9), which comes bottled with a crisp white bow and matching flower cap, and facial disc ($26), which includes everything you need for your face on the go.

Did we mention that Goldie smells positively delicious? There’s a unique dulce de leche scent wafting from nearly every box and tube. Get Goldie at select Bath & Body Works stores (check online at www.bathandbodyworks.com).


Duct tape has evolved into something so much more than the original silver stuff used – shockingly, we know – to repair ducts. With a little creativity and motivation you can create duct tape "fabric" and from there, just about anything is possible – from festive prom gowns (featured at the annual Stuck At Prom duct tape outfit contest, sponsored by Duck brand duct tape) to wallets, bags or simple bookmarks.

To make fabric, start by cutting a length of duct tape and place it sticky-side up on a clean, flat surface. Cut a second piece the same length and place the second strip also sticky-side up, overlapping it slightly. Continue to do this until your "fabric" is the right width and length of your project. Then, change the direction of your tape (if you started out taping horizontally, move the tape fabric so the strips are now vertical). Do the same as before, but this time, place your tape sticky-side down so that the adhesive from the first and second layers is touching. When you’ve covered the whole sticky area, trim off any uneven edges and proceed with your project.

Get Duck tape in 19 colors, including primaries and fluorescents, for about $24 per case (6 packs of 20-foot rolls) at www.ducktapeclubstore.com, where you also can find local merchants for smaller quantities.

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