In 10 years a lot can happen. And in the music world, 10 years is quite a long time to be out of music lovers’ minds. The slew of bands making a comeback this year have to battle with that thought and realize that the music world today is much different from when they first started. But that’s only half the story. Now added to the list of bands giving the music world another shot after a long break is none other than iconic ’90s ensemble Bush.

For Bush, the alternative band that boasts the ever-soothing, wooing voice of Gavin Rossdale, this task is no less difficult than it is for any other band. And as with most comebacks, the band is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Original bassist Dave Parsons and guitarist Nigel Pulsford are not attending this reunion party, a fact that is sure to make the comeback even more of a challenge. Interestingly enough, lead singer Rossdale has also already had a fairly successful solo career with his tender and popular “Love Remains the Same” serving as a complete contrast to his work with Bush.

So the guys already have a lot to prove. Rossdale has to propel himself back into the rock world and front a band with new and old members alike. The newest ensemble has to take into consideration not just the last 10 years of music history but the way in which they will present themselves to new and old fans. Will this be the same Bush or a band that might as well have a completely new name? Though the inclusion of new members might not be the most exciting things for hardcore fans of the band in its ’90s glory, the fact of the matter is that it’s difficult to have the same energy after a break-up. As Rossdale told Billboard magazine about Parsons and Pulsford, “You have to be ready for the fight, [and they weren’t].” Dragging back members that didn’t have their heart in the project is worse than creating a sound with new members who perhaps couldn’t be more excited to be in such a classic band.

But Bush has to be careful not to fall under the weight of the history it carries. Just because it was one of the biggest bands in the ’90s doesn’t mean it can employ only ’90s sounds. On the other hand, creating a completely different sound means possibly losing fans who loved them for what they heard 10 years ago.

For now, the band is on the right track, with a significant growth in Facebook fans and a sold-out show in New York. The rest is up to today’s music fan. A newbie to their sound might judge Bush in comparison to all the other rock bands, but an old fan will remember their decade-ago grandeur.

And though the band was successful then, the strongest bands can reach across decades and survive in any sort of industry. Bush’s new music should be judged not on how it compares to its past music, but how it relates to listeners today and separates itself from new, up-and-coming artists. The music Bush makes today should also be looked at without too much of their past fame in mind.

This is a band trying to reinvent itself, and though classics like “Glycerine” will probably be played at concerts, the band shouldn’t employ this tactic as a way to gain popularity. And with bands like Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers also making a comeback, the current rock scene has become a competition of sorts to see who can return more gloriously. They all have the reputation to back them up, but what they have to maintain is the ability to create tracks as good or better as their classic or reinvent themselves in a way that keeps both old and new listeners hooked. Bush has the experience that any newbie band is lacking. As long as it showcases the talent of its members, creates addictive sounds and keeps the sincerity of the ’90s tracks, this comeback could be another entry on a list of successful ones.

Bush’s The Sea of Memories is currently available. Bush performs Sept. 28 at the Grove of Anaheim.