As the organ fades away and the lights go out, you sit, waiting in utter darkness, waiting for the horror to come. Prepare yourself to walk into your worst nightmare.

One of the most successful shows at Zombie Joe’s Underground, “Urban Death,” explores the depths of horror in theater. Through music and color, “Urban Death” splashes vivid and disgustingly beautiful images on the bloody canvas of the stage. If you’re seeking heart-pounding thrills, “Urban Death” is the play for you.

Setting the mood by opening with a truly macabre depiction of dead corpses splattered and intertwined on the floor, this play hits you at a gut level through and through. By far, one of the strongest and chilling acts in the entire play; it makes you wish it were just a dream.

Everything seems to be out of a sick nightmare, just pure bloody disgusting gore. Every act is equally dark, some more frightening and provocative than others however. Without dialogue or story, “Urban Death”’s main intent is to horrify. Nonetheless, true horror devotees may call some of the play’s acts clichéd attempts at horror. With such a strong beginning, the rest of the play’s frightening demeanor dwindles a bit. However, a lot of the time you will find yourself more unnerved just sitting in the dark, listening to the actors take their place and out of the darkness hear faint eerie cries and moans.

You can say that “Urban Death” is trying to define the fear of the unknown. It’s in those moments of darkness that you are victim of your own imagination.

You may ask yourself what the point of “Urban Death” is. Be warned, it is not a play for everyone. It is merely a heightened awareness of the morbid side of the human psyche. Blood curling and ominous with a couple of obscure laughs, it just might have you sleeping with the light on.

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