Ambient indie rock may bring thoughts of elevator music that can pass as an acceptable soundtrack to any early Natalie Portman flick, but Milagres, a band from Brooklyn, shakes the genre up a bit with unexpectedly catchy melodies offering a dynamic track list in their latest album, Glowing Mouth. With Kyle Wilson as lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Fraser McCulloch on bass and keyboard, Eric Schwortz on guitar and percussion, Steven Leventhal on drums and Chris Brazee on piano and keyboard, Glowing Mouth takes the listener on a journey with twists and turns that one wouldn’t necessarily dance to, but just maybe hum along with while nodding in appreciation.

Abounding in piano and keyboard notes, Wilson’s voice is rich and enchanting, definitely not conforming to the indifference found in most lead vocalists’ “effortless” efforts. The album starts by opening with “Halfway,” a song created to sound like an invitation to a cloudy dream. This is followed by more upbeat songs like “Here to Stay” and “Lost in the Dark,” which bring uncharacteristically energetic jolts while maintaining their ambient core. The ninth track starts the gradual decrease in mood all the way to the last track, which closes the album on a comparatively quieter note.

Overall, Glowing Mouth will have you floating your way through a musical experience unlike others of its kind. There are real standouts on the tracklist that can stay with the listener a while after the album stops playing, but as ambient indie rock goes, it leaves very little to satisfy a beat-loving audience.

Glowing Mouth is currently available.