While comfortable clothes in college are crucial, nobody wants to be the girl who wears old sweats to class and destroyed pajamas around the dorms. Luckily, So Low clothing ensures that the busy college student achieves both style and ease with its line of collegiate wear. Ranging from T-shirts and tanks to yoga pants to cotton shorts to cute dresses, So Low produces high quality active and lounge wear that adds comfort at no expense to style for all female students’ wardrobes.

On lazy days, a girl just wants to throw on a T-shirt and not have to worry about looking cute. While it is convenient to sacrifice style for comfort, So Low gives girls the option of obtaining both. So Low’s tops are uniquely treated in order to look and feel like a T-shirt or sweater that are well worn and comfortable. However, this does not detract from its style. Instead, it makes the tops look more customized in addition to feeling soft and cozy. Many girls will appreciate the cropped and off the shoulder tops that add a quirky touch to the standard T-shirt. Also, the soft and fitted sweaters are a great alternative to bulky and shapeless sweatshirts and jackets. Whether worn with old jeans or a trendy skirt, the possibilities of changing up an outfit with So Low tops are endless.

So Low also offers an extensive line of yoga pants, shorts and sweats. The yoga pants are high quality wear that can double as trendy loungewear and active wear. Unlike some variety of yoga pants, So Low’s pants are thick and elastic, so they are perfect to work out in. Paired with a So Low T-shirt or sweater, the yoga pants complete any athletic girl’s outfit. While yoga pants are comfortable in the dorm, the cotton shorts and sweats are the most comfortable bottoms. Soft and almost weightless, these are the perfect pajamas and loungewear.

In college, you don’t want to have to think about looking both presentable and stylish in your dorm. The dorms are your second home, and you want to dress just as comfortably as if this were your house. So Low bottoms provide both the effortless coziness of old, torn sweats and the stylish presentation of branded collegiate wear. With all the stress of school and possibly work and internships, no student wants to worry about looking good in their study and sleep space.

So Low offers a unique addition of dresses to their collegiate line. These dresses are perfect for class or school activities because they are casual and cute, standing at the happy middle between being too informal and too over the top. For example, the T-shirt dress is just as easy to throw on as a normal shirt, but it instantly makes an outfit more girlie and fun. The strapless sundress is another way to change up an outfit. This dress could be worn over shirts and leggings depending on the weather. Also, if it’s sunny outside, this dress could be a cover up if you’re going to the beach. Unlike many collegiate wear brands, So Low steps up their game with the addition of dresses to spice up the typical college gear in one’s wardrobe.

So Low looks and feels different from other collegiate lines because of the attention to detail. Naturally, the quality is high just like clothes you would buy from the actual college or sportswear companies. However, what differentiate So Low from other brands are the little touches and customizations. T-shirts are distressed in a way that is not noticeably manufactured. They mimic the way a shirt would be if you had worn it for months. Sweats are off color and sewn beautifully. In the extensive options of lounge and active wear, So Low is at the top for their combination of useful, stylish and comfortable clothes that make any student’s college life a little easier and cuter.

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