Let’s call this double-disc set the Warped Companion instead of Compilation, because it’s cuttin’ in as your very generous new best friend, who turns out to be quite the talker. So, what do you want to hear? "I Don’t Know" (The F-Ups). But you don’t have to have a "Gun In Hand" (Stutterfly) to "Space Hump Me" (Throwrag), just say "Please" (Maxeen). So let’s turn the "Lights Out" (Letter Kills) and get into some heavy "Breathing" (Yellowcard) before we "Crash and Burn" (Simple Plan). We’ll "Keep On" (Lightweight Holiday) until "My Eyes Burn" (Matchbook Romance), until I’m "So Sick of You" (The Unseen). Please don’t think of anyone else, or I’ll get "The Jealous Guy Blues" (Piebald). I promise you that this’ll be "Something That Produces Results" (The Early November). Don’t be a "Picture Perfect Wannabe" (Denver Harbor), use the disc’s other 37 songs to make up your own story!

Grade: A

The 2004 Vans Warped Tour Compilation is currently available.