Experiencing a show of Latin synthpop can surely result into an unforgettable weeknight. But Belanova’s music concert at the Conga Room represented that and much more. Of Jalisco, Mexico origin, this trio implanted strong energy and a vibrant performance to each of their performed tracks.

Composed of lead vocalist Denisse Guerrero, programmer and keyboardist Edgar Huerta and bassist Ricardo Arreola, Belanova appeared on stage with no surprises whatsoever. Each band member and the supporting cast stepped foot with no rush, with ease and with their profound humility that have made them known throughout the world. Eventually, the adorably dressed Gerrero reached the platform while the crowd reacted lively with much enthusiasm and happiness to see this unique voice sing her lungs out.

This group hit stardom in 2005 with Dulce Beat (Sweet Beat), which carries the popular “Rosa Pastel.” Belanova delivered with this tune, which was performed second to last after the audience demanded the encore. “Rosa Pastel” (Pastel Pink) is an electropop but romantic song detailing the ideals of a woman’s relationship struggles and rewards with her significant other.

“Baila Mi Corazon” (My Heart Dances) and “One, Two, Three, Go!” were other melodies that Belanova, who have been together over 11 years, performed. Both come from the 2007 record titled Fantasia Pop (Fantasy Pop). After having showcased their repertoire for a little over an hour, Belanova finished with an up-tempo track to dance the night away.

Once at the L.A. Coliseum, Belanova performed in front of more than 50,000 fans at a musical festival. This time around, they performed with much less than that and they show that pleasing the public is a priority regardless of the size of the audience. Belanova, who have over 637,000 fans on their Facebook fan page, is currently on tour in the United States.