More bands, deejays and surprises are coming our way on behalf of the blossoming Culture Collide Festival. This week, the annual Culture Collide festival takes over Echo Park with performances by artists from 24 countries. The eclectic musical soiree kicks off at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 5 closing at midnight on Sunday, Oct. 9. This year’s musical soiree will feature CSS (Cansei der Ser Sexy), the brash Brazilians whose name translates to “tired of being sexy,” most known for the hit “Music is My Hot Sex.” This new wave outfit will be performing new tracks, and if they’re anything like their last tunes, we are in for a sonic treat.

Another band to be on the lookout for is Israel’s Electra. Their ear-bending ability to turn a classic into something unique and contemporary is truly amazing. Fuse that with a bit of Brit-pop, and your results are nothing short of spectacular. South Gate’s the Tender Box is another band you shouldn’t miss. Chiming guitars and swooning vocals are the first thing you notice from this band Inspired by the post-punk and synth pop groups of the 1980s.

If you’re feeling like something a little more techno, then Datarock is the way to go, a Norwegian five-piece outfit who can offer up all the tongue-in-cheek electro rock you can handle. Who else is going to be there? Does It Offend You, Yeah? (UK), Avi Buffalo (USA), The Elected (USA), The Morning After Girls (Australia), The Gift (Portugal), Midnight Surfer (USA), Laura Jansen (the Netherlands), Hands (USA), The Lanskies (France), Carina Round (UK), Cosmic Kids (USA), Sparkadia (Australia), Holger (Brazil) Bixel Boys (USA), You Say France & I Whistle (Sweden), Tropicool (USA), Da Brasilians (France), Hypernova (Iran) and Surf Ambassador Hendo (USA) and lots more.

This might be a baby festival, but it has more than enough to keep you entertained. Aside from amazing music from across the globe, Culture Collide offers happy hours, free giveaways, a plethora of food selections, easily navigable venues and last but certainly not least a super economic wristband for only $20. The festival includes film screenings and Culture Collide’s pop-up art gallery, Composition: Visual Notes on Music, curated by the Lucie Foundation.

The festival takes place at several venues including the Echo, Echoplex, Taix, 826LA, the Church, ReForm Academy, Co-op and Origami Vinyl. Culture Collide wristbands granting access to the entire festival, are available at for a limited time. For more information, visit