Remember when Halloween meant being handed free candy just by knocking on your neighbors’ doors and dressing up in costumes especially handcrafted with love by your mom? Relax about the candy; they’re pretty affordable in bulk at your nearest megastore and nobody will ever know that those five large bags of Snickers are for your own personal consumption to be kept on your nightstand. Your costume on the other hand, well, good luck asking your mom to sew you that Katy Perry cupcake bikini top. But one thing remains the same: Halloween will always give you an excuse to scare yourself silly.

The popular Screamfest LA is back in its 10th year with a roster of spine-chilling flicks to bring out the inner scaredy, little kid in everyone. The festival opens with Sector 7 3D. Many films will then have their world premiere at the festival, including Crawl, Madison County, Enter Nowhere, Rites of Spring, Cassadaga and Wrong Turn 4, which will be screened for free for those who register. Here is a short cheat sheet of part of this year’s line-up:

Sector 7 3D: Korean import that tells the story of an oil drilling team who battles against a mutant monster from the sea. Crawl: A thriller set in a rural town where a bar owner hires a mysterious Croatian to murder over an unpaid debt. An innocent waitress becomes involved, and she is driven to desperate measures for survival in her own home.

Psycho: 1960 Hitchcock classic starring Janet Leigh, Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles and John Gavin.

The Tunnel (U.S. premiere): A journalist and her crew investigate a government cover-up that leads them to a network of abandoned, claustrophobic subway tunnels beneath Sidney.

Rosewood Lane (world premiere): Director Victor Salva says, “It is like ‘the nightmare next door,’ where the setting is your block, your neighborhood and the threat could literally be waiting for you out on the moonlit sidewalk just a few yards away from your door.”

Exit Humanity (U.S. premiere): Set in post-Civil War era Tennessee, it tells the legend of Edward Young’s journey through an outbreak of the walking dead to lay his son’s ashes to rest.

The Little Mermaid (world premiere): A caged mermaid in a circus tent is forced to perform for spectators, while having to make the choice between holding on to hope of freedom or putting an end to her abuse.

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