Laura Blaylock plays keyboards and sings background vocals for Deas Vail, but she gets a moment to shine on album opener “Desire” where she basically sings lead although her voice is at times blended with that of Wes Blaylock, the band’s primary singer who also happens to be her husband. “Desire” is soaring alt-rock with, thanks to Laura, hints of chill-out verging on Brazilian cool, but most of this album is just plain soaring as Wes takes an energetic but smooth, Jimmy Eat World-style tack on “Sixteen,” “Quiet Like Sirens” and other songs throughout.

A little twang is added to the mix mid-album for Laura’s airy take on “Towers” and for “Pulling Down the Sun” where the couple indulges in call-and-response vocals that lay out all the tentative things about a developing love relationship. It’s not surprising that this relatively newlywed couple (four years) should write most of their songs about relationships; fortunately for the listener, the music plays out without vitriol or any overabundance of emotion making Deas Vail very listenable, especially when you’re in the mood for something relaxing but not soporific.

Deas Vail is currently available.