Yes, it’s that time again, when you’re looking to get a bit evil and scare your loved ones. What better way to get things going for the big day than hitting the always-impressive Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights?

If you’ve ever been in a haunted house or gone trick-or-treating after hours, you know the kind of eerie feeling you get when walking around with just a few friends in the dark. The sensation that at any moment you could be the victim of a horrible encounter and the excitement as the adrenaline pumps through your soul are what make this year’s Horror Nights even more impressive. Once again Rob Zombie is back to make sure that you have nightmares leading all the way up to Halloween. Stepping into Horror Nights’ recreation of House of 1000 Corpses is pretty much the scariest thing you’ll find anywhere. Not to mention that the experience is all in real live 3D Zombie Vision. As if it wasn’t scary already, now the blood really comes out at you. Personally designed by Zombie himself, this maze shows how much effort Universal puts into its attractions.

The realistic masks on the characters in all of the haunted settings are amazing. They take hours to apply, and hundreds of cast members fill each haunted zone and run rampant across the park. So even when you’re not in a maze, you are still a target for one hell of a fright.

One last thing: Make sure you get on the Terror Tram. It takes you to the backlot, and you get to walk around on foot! This is a real treat, because you get to walk through the various sets and even up to the Psycho house. But be careful, this year the lot is full of surprises that will make you Scream … because Ghostface will be hunting you down as you walk around and do your best to find your way back to the main park.

Have fun and go often, but make sure you get there early as it’s going to get more and more packed as All Hallows’ Eve approaches.

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