The Idiotbox:

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel have terrific chemistry in the darkly comic criminal investigation series Bones: The Complete Sixth Season. Boreanaz is an FBI agent who teams with a forensic anthropologist (Deschanel) who specializes in analyzing victims’ bones to crack the toughest crimes.

Queen Anna’s master plan to take over the world is revealed in V: The Complete Second Season. Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”) plays a counterterrorism agent and leader of the Fifth Column, a resistance group trying to put a stop to the alien invaders in this special effects-heavy series.

Pawn Stars: The Complete Season Three follows a family-owned pawn shop in Las Vegas.

Two “antique archeologists” explore people’s forgotten junk in search of diamonds in the rough in American Pickers: Volume Two.

Marksmen compete in Top Shot: Reloaded – Season 2.

Also available: Nickelodeon’s Catdog: Season One, Part One

Funny Business:

Bad Teacher stars Cameron Diaz as the world’s worst teacher – a hard-drinking, cruel gold digger who sets her sights on the wealthy new substitute (Justin Timberlake). Jason Segel co-stars.

Get a double dose of Kevin Smith with the release of Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40, the writer-director’s latest one-man show covering his altercation with Southwest Airlines, and the animated adaptation of his podcast, SModimations: The SModcast Cartoon Show: Season One.

Also available: Turkey Bowl

Stranger than Fiction:

William Shatner sits down with his fellow “Star Trek” starship commanders in The Captains.

A scrappy Caribbean little league team fights to make it to the Little League World Series in Boys of Summer.

Fire in Babylon tells the inspiring story of the legendary West Indian cricket team.

Blu Notes:

Darker than The Dark Knight, Alex Proyas’ cult favorite The Crow comes to Blu-ray. Brandon Lee stars in this gothic revenge flick as a murdered musician who comes back from the dead to avenge his and his wife’s deaths.

Maybe the greatest war adventure ever, The Guns of Navarone stars Gregory Peck as the leader of a sabotage crew on a suicide mission to a Nazi-controlled Greek island. David Niven and Anthony Quinn co-star in J. Lee Thompson’s film.

Also available: Federico Fellini’s surreal tribute to the circus, The Clowns, horror film Darkness Falls, Jerry O’Connell and Shannon Elizabeth in the comedy Tomcats

Under the Radar:

Chris Weitz (About a Boy) directs A Better Life, a tale of an illegal immigrant single father trying to save his teenage son from gang life.

Gabriel Byrne and Mira Sorvino star in the WWII drama Attack on Leningrad

China’s Aftershock follows the aftermath of the 20th century’s deadliest earthquake.

Prince of Broadway follows the hardscrabble life of immigrants dealing outside the law in New York’s fashion district.

Also available: Baarìa, a sweeping Italian epic from the director of Cinema Paradiso, Ving Rhames in “Master Harold”… and the Boys

The Horror! The Horror!

Kevin Smith does horror in Red State. Lured by the promise of sex, a group of teens falls prey to a group of extreme religious fundamentalists. Melissa Leo and John Goodman star.

The Howling Reborn reboots the great ’80s werewolf franchise. A high schooler discovers he is descended from a long line of werewolves. Now he has to fight for his life against a pack of bloodthirsty enemies.

The makers of a ghost-hunting reality TV show get more than they bargained for when they lock themselves inside a condemned asylum in Grave Encounters.

Subspecies: The Complete Chronicles collects all five films in the epic vampire franchise.

Trancers: The Ultimate Deth Collection is a five-disc set about a time traveling bounty hunter who must track down a villain with mind control powers. A young Helen Hunt co-stars.