DJ Cam opens Seven with the loping space-jazz instrumental “California Dreamin’”; the song feels just like Los Angeles on a shimmering summer afternoon, made perhaps even more sparkly through a little chemical enhancement. Having been one of the pioneers of trip-hop DJ Cam is no stranger to the outré, but Seven is maybe best described simply as dreamy. Stateless singer Chris James adds his dulcet tones to “Swim” and two other songs, bringing a down-to-earth balance to the album between more experimental numbers like the ambient loops/Prince mash-up of “Dreamcatcher.” “Love” is a chill-out number featuring Massive Attack sidekick Nicolette; “1988” also features a female vocalist as Inlove coos along to Brazilian electro-chill.

Seven is one of those albums that can mellow you out or get you going; it just depends on your mindset during any given listen. Either way there are more layers here than first meet the ear; they’re especially fun to discover on set closer “Uncomfortable,” again featuring amazing vocal work from James.

Seven will be available Oct. 24.