This album was recorded in the home of Andy R’s grandmother while nana was away from her Chicago-area home on vacation. The place that the Gauntlet Hair singer and guitarist chose to lay down these tracks is probably insignificant except for the free electricity, stuff in the fridge, maybe good acoustics and certainly a comfy (and again free) place to crash.

But thank goodness grandma wasn’t home because hearing the creation of this music might have had her thinking she’d mixed up her medications. “Is that Andy squalling like he’s slammed his hand in the cellar door? What’s all that danged pounding??” Well, granny, that’s just Andy and Craig Nice, the Gauntlet Hair drummer, having at “Keep Time,” the opening number here. All kidding aside Andy’s grandmother has got to be pretty cool; I bet she loves what the guys are up to, all noise-rocking and such, bless their hearts.

The music here is definitely outré but not psychedelic; a perfect example is “Top Bunk,” a faux handclaps and deep bass driven number that can almost be described as trip-hop. “My Christ” sounds a bit like the dance-y side of early Police but with the Gauntlet Hair trademark fully in place – intentionally tinny-sounding guitars and an echoing effect that seems on the verge of swallowing each song whole.

The listener’s first thought throughout will be “this is quite odd,” but the notion is eventually overruled; the melodies, cool beats and vocal hooks that are present in bulk reveal themselves when a little less scrutiny is applied. Listen with a carefree ear and you’ll hear it all. Isn’t that right, grandma?

Gauntlet Hair is currently available.