Now this is more of the art that I love. Street-style art is always so honest.

Street style is definitely our generation’s brilliant baby. It is unrefined, at times crude, colorful and most of the time, brutally honest. Above all – it’s different. From Oct. 15, Known Gallery on Fairfax is reserving its space for two different collections: ACHTUNG! and The Grey Scale.

ACHTUNG! makes a loud and clear statement without any sugarcoated content. It speaks to its viewers on how disturbing the world is with its uniformity and pressures for conformity. Fortunately the works don’t end there though, because HowNosm actually realizes potential in both uniformity and conformity. In the end, his works are stroked with confidence, courage, action, vitality and just a touch of the world’s inevitable darkness and death through creativity.

Through ACHTUNG!'s content and use of colors, it screams life. Street art pieces all scream life as artists yearn to break free from the ordinary, speak in a voice louder than their throat can make. ACHTUNG! seeks to remind us of the need to walk through life with a strong sense of self and not fall into the obvious traps the world has laid out for us. Like ACHTUNG!, The Grey Scale is a collection of works that have turned to the streets to look for inspiration. The paintings that make up the collection depict the complexity of a person place in the world, and perhaps the expectations placed upon them. The collection features a number of artists whom all turn to expressing the brutally honest reality of their settings. They speak out with the strength of street style and desire change.

Known Gallery is located at 441 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles. For more information, visit