They are easily two of the greatest fighters to ever enter the ring. Currently rated as the top two fighters in the heavyweight boxing division, Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko have definitely changed the sport. Though the brothers Klitschko may appear to be stone-cold warriorsto the simple spectator, they are in fact humble professionals with strong family ties and a great fraternal connection. Now the sibling champions are releasing a documentary that tells the tale of their journey from their meager beginnings in Ukraine to their current domination of the heavyweight boxing world.

Klitschko paints a very true picture of Vitali and Wladimir as two brothers who happen to be a pair of the best boxers to date in heavyweight boxing history. The brothers began life humbly in a low-income household in Eastern Europe. Vitali got into boxing in his early teens, and Wladimir was quick to follow. Success soon brought the brothers into the realm of European celebrity, and in 2004 the pair moved to Los Angeles, but they still maintain a strong connection to their origins.

“Home is a base where you recharge,” says Wladimir. He expresses his devotion to his home and family as a vital aspect of life. The brothers stay very close with their parents even when on the road. Wladimir is shown in the documentary calling home to mom after one of Vitali’s fights to let her know his brother is OK. Back at home she goes for walks during her son’s bouts. She refuses to watch them fight.

“Our mom is in Ukraine, and she is a lovely woman. The family connection to her is very important. [And] she’s not watching the fights like you,” says Wladimir.

The brothers have overcome many challenges to reach the positions they now hold.

“It’s always a challenge to do anything, even a challenge to give you this interview, it’s a challenge because anything in life is a challenge, and it’s great to be challenged in life,” says Wladimir.

He began his fighting career following in the footsteps of his older brother, Vitali, who started life as a career fighter after being approached at his school.

“I was 12 or 13, and one day a boxing trainer came to our class at school and asked, ‘boys, who wants to be like Muhammad Ali?’ I was one of them. Just for fun in the beginning ... I never had the idea to be a champion, but that came a little later,” says Vitali.

Unplanned or not, both the Klitschko brothers have taken their careers to the status of champion. Wladimir currently holds a record of 59 fights with only three losses, and Vitali weighs in with 45 fights with a mere two losses. The brothers attribute their impressive records to their strong physical training and also their strength of mind. Wladimir explains a philosophical approach to the challenge that inspires him to keep boxing.

“This question: What do you live for ... One of [the answers] is obviously the challenge you’re getting. That’s actually what keeps me in the sport of boxing. There’s the challenge of getting in the ring. So you’re preparing for the fighter, and you’re preparing for the fight ... You try to find out their strategy and get a better strategy than your opponent and eventually eliminate him in the ring.”

The Klitschko brothers truly love the sport. For them, all the hard work in training pays off when they enter the boxing ring. “Preparation is so difficult, and then the fight night ... You invest so much power, so much time, so much energy just for one moment,” says Vitali.

It can easily be said that the moment when it’s time to show skills in the ring is part of what Wladimir and Vitali live for. When they’re not training to defend titles and devoting time to family, the brothers like to spend their leisure time battling each other at the game of chess and kite surfing. We can also add documentary film making to the Klitschkos' list.

The film by Sebastian Dehnhardt is sure to impress. In the movie you can expect to see a wonderful peek into the lives of the Klitschkos and some killer slow-motion blows administered by the brothers to various opponents to boot. As well as entertaining on film, Wladimir will be back in the ring in December defending his title of champion.

Klitschko releases in select theaters Oct. 21.