She is a very beautiful, unique and talented up-and-coming singer in the electro-pop fusion genre. Meet Tueska, a 22-year-old from Barranquilla, Colombia, with red hair, sincere smiles, a humble persona and a fire to succeed in the music scene.

Tueska has many musical influences, including internationally known Shakira and Dominican merengue superstar Juan Luis Guerra. Tueska grew up in love with the sounds and beats of music, which are reasons why she has moved to the Dominican Republic.

A tropical and fashionable nation, the DR serves as the perfect place for Tueska to pursue her career goals. Tueska moved to the DR to form part of the new generation of Las Chicas del Can: a merengue-based group who reached stardom in Latin America and other parts of the world.

Now, as a solo artist, Tueska resides in the Caribbean with her family. In one of her most recent performances, she delivered a memorable show to the L.A. crowd during the Latin Grammy street parties at Placita Olvera.

Her close to 30-minute set impressed not only the media but the surrounding crowds as well. Sexy and highly attractive, Tueska performed “Solita” (Lonely) to get the concert going. Thereafter, she continued with her hit single “Me Enamore” (I Fell In Love), which is an upbeat yet romantic tune depicting the situation of a person falling in love.

Tueska then followed with “Animal,” a vigorous track. To close her performance, the charismatic singer sang Shakira’s “Rabiosa.” And she did this extremely well. Tueska took on the challenge and simply granted comparable lyricism, exotic dance moves (especially some hip shaking) and a grand display of “Rabiosa.”

The crowd liked her a lot. Tueska stood out. It is going to be interesting to see where her talents take her.