Don’t slot Rhode Island quintet Deer Tick under the alt-folk/country brand. Deer Tick’s previous releases are permeated with acoustic elements which echo Uncle Tupelo or Gram Parsons, but on fourth outing Divine Providence (named after the band’s hometown) singer John McCauley apparently gives a big STFU to those who think they know Deer Tick.

Those pining for the group’s country/folk elements will hate the Rolling Stones/Replacements tone. The mostly raw and amplified tracks echo the band’s live sound with a rambunctious, loud and drunken canter illustrated by cuts such as “The Bump,” a bar-band thumper which quotes Iggy Pop; the Replacements-like rocker “Funny Word”; and the all-to-obvious sing-a-long “Let’s All Go to the Bar.”

Older fans, though, will appreciate acoustic/electric songs such as poignant “Clownin Around” and new single, “Miss K.,” the kind of hooky tune Jeff Tweedy used to compose. Longtime listeners will also welcome a hidden track of the obscure Grandpaboy/Paul Westerberg folk tune “Mr. Cigarette.”

Divine Providence is currently available. Deer Tick perform Nov. 1 at Echoplex.