Fans of this trio know that the girls have benefited from their friendship and professional affiliation with Joan Jett and her Blackheart Records label, but it is another of punk rock’s legendary leading ladies that seems to influence much of Exits & All the Rest. And I’m not talking about Siouxsie Sioux, who singer Nina Diaz channels quite nicely on “Cemetery Baby.”

No, it’s clear from the moment opening number “Adjust” starts spinning that Diaz, her drummer sister Phanie and bassist Jennifer Alva have been listening to the early recordings of seminal L.A. band X. Diaz sings the song like X vocalist Exene Cervenka would: with plenty of street cred-fueled confidence and a hint of latent mania, as if sure-footedness could give way at any second to full-blown chaos. The song also features, as many songs throughout the album do, the X hallmark of sparingly arranged twanging guitars that occasionally cut loose with concise psychedelic solos.

The girls’ Adventures in Coverland release from last year acknowledged band influences ranging from Bowie to Selena to Ritchie Valens, and if you want to dissect each song then you’ll hear things like Diaz paying homage to Grace Slick on “Knocking at Your Door.”

But in all fairness Girl in a Coma has their own sound and with this being their fourth album they’re now showing longevity too – a big clue for the uninitiated that it’s time to take a listen. 

Exits & All the Rest is currently available.