An overall favorite at many international film festivals, Pianomania is finally coming to the United States. Directed by Lillian Franck and Robert Cibis, it pulls you in from the very first note played by brilliant musician Lang Lang who is featured in the film and introduces you to the world of the piano.

The film details the beautiful and amazing collaborative work by Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Stefan Knüpfer, the master tuner of Vienna, who are tasked with pairing the world’s classical instruments and finding the perfect sound – an incredible task that requires much patience. Knüpfer is the leader of the project, helping Aimard prepare for a recording of Bach’s “The Art of Fugue” and making sure Lang Lang has a bench to his liking that can withstand his intense and emotional playing style.

Knüpfer experiments with many things, such as unique sound absorbers made from felt to provide a more authentic sound – these experiments at times provide the most detail and fun in the film. The most appreciable humor is when you see the tension and subtext drama of Knüpfer and Aimard when they regularly meet. The tension is so strong that you can’t help wondering what is going to happen next.

Knüpfer keeps everything together, thanks to his great charisma and love for the project. He is truly a great facilitator, keeping everything going and helping all of those around him achieve perfection.

In Pianomania, the best parts seem to be watching Knüpfer at work. Though the endless talks and obsession about the sound and its interpretation are interesting for the first part of the film, it becomes tiresome once you hear it for the second or third time.

All lovers of music will have a strong appreciation of the preparation needed to bring these amazing pianos and the pianist into perfect harmony, with each instrument tuned to the different style of the virtuoso who will play it. This is fun to not only see but to hear, and you gain an artistic appreciation in seeing Knüpfer at work. It’s truly amazing how delicate his ears are to the music and how he provides utter perfection for these brilliant artists. Knüpfer’s gift is that he is able to hear such small changes in tone and when adjustments in tuning need to be made to complement the artist’s performance.

Pianomania is a film that those who are interested in music can truly appreciate.

Pianomania releases in select theaters Nov. 4.