As a special post-All Hallows Day treat, 4AD’s new signee and prodigy, Joker, releases his new record, The Vision, this week. The Vision comes across with a minefield of emotional melodies and intricate synths all wrapped up with a bow of beats.

This great addition to Joker’s already prestigious discography is a well-executed 12-track disc with personality and a knack for the element of surprise. Check out the songs “Tron” and “On My Mind,” for a good taste of the variety he offers. While the songs sink in, you really don’t know what tricks Joker has up his sleeve until they hit your eardrums. But this is all part of the genius of The Vision and the complete style of Joker.

Joker has already wrapped performing at New York’s CMJ and has plans for a small tour in Europe this fall in support of the album.

The Vision is currently available.