In the recent movie remake Footloose, a fictional small town in the middle of nowhere banned loud music and dancing for teenagers. Here in Los Angeles, a city known for its movies, fashion, pretty people and big ideas – most of which include or are a direct result of the youth of today – the notion of banning dancing for teens sounds ridiculous.

However, this is Los Angeles, and along with all of the pretty people wearing cool clothes who do go see all the cool movies, there are places, ridiculously enough, where you cannot go if your driver’s license doesn’t say you were born before the year 1990.

Alas, the underage debate continues: If you’re over 18 but not yet 21, and are old enough to go to fight for your country in a war, buy cigarettes, watch rated-R movies and even watch lame reality television personalities fight each other while smoking cigarettes using foul language while acting like porn stars, then why aren’t you old enough to go to the clubs and have fun?

Like the original Footloose from the ’80s, the message remains the same today: The youth just want to dance!

Especially for you, here’s a list of the most fun, fashionable and fabulous places where you can go dance as long as you’re 18 with a current and valid ID:

School Night!

Mondays @ Bardot, 1737 Vine St., Hollywood;

Yes, it’s in Hollywood. Yes, the venue may be previously known for mostly just techno music and steep cover charges. But in 2011, Monday nights here are worth the drive, relatively short wait in line and the inexpensive cover to get in.

The live music – as well as the DJs spinning in between band sets and after the bands – is always topnotch without the sometimes-annoying Hollywood attitude. It’s a great time in a nice swanky venue without the swanky attitudes that a lot of clubs in the area have. FREE w/RSVP

Club Moscow

Wednesdays @ Boardners, 1652 N. Cherokee Ave., Hollywood;

Keith Wilson’s long-running party leans more toward the electro side, and this isn’t a gangsta lean either; these are great tunes spun by great DJs with a dance floor filled with great haircuts having a great time. If you haven’t been yet – as you can tell by the above description – Club Moscow is pretty great! FREE before 10:30 p.m.; $10 after

Club Underground

First, Third and Fifth Fridays @ Grand Star Jazz Club, 943 N. Broadway Ave., Chinatown;

A sample of some of the artists who have played, guest DJed or have just graced their presence at Club Underground: Thom Yorke from Radiohead, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Art Brut, Atlas Sound, Mates of State, Lady Sovereign, the Kooks, Japandroids, Xiu Xiu, Passion Pit, Morrissey, Franz Ferdinand, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the list goes on. With a guestlist like that, you might assume that the vibe is pretentious, but it’s not.

DJs Larry G, Diana and Clifton are laid back – they just play the Brit pop, indie, ’60s soul and electro music that you can't hear anywhere else in Los Angeles. You may never know who from what band may show up on any given Underground night, but when you go, you know you’ll have a great time every time; as long as you bring your valid ID. FREE before 10 p.m./ $8 after

Part Time Punks

Sundays @ The Echo, 1822 W. Sunset Blvd., Echo Park;

You’ve been at school all week, and all you want to do is dance. You may or may not have gotten the chance to yet, but you don’t feel as if the weekend was long enough.

Here’s your chance to see some bands at 10 p.m., then you can listen to DJs play some new wave and post punk tunes. You will soon discover after listening that you’ll be dancing along with all the punk kids, the Goth kids and everyone else who happens by. You’ll also find that there is nowhere better to spend your Sunday nights. $5