No matter how you serve them – be it turkey, veggie, chicken or freshly ground beef – burgers are arguably one of the most universally accepted meals; almost everyone enjoys one. All over the globe, variations of burgers are responsible for making the bellies of many eaters happy … and sometimes a little more round.

There’s a new burger in town, by way of Las Vegas, called Füküburger. Starting out as a popular food truck found up and down the Strip, the first flagship has opened its doors in Hollywood in the Cahuenga Corridor, walking distance from the Hollywood and Vine Metro station. The co-owner, Harry Morton, is no stranger to Los Angeles, owning the equally cheeky named Pink Taco in Century City. Füküburger (Fükü actually means lucky in Japanese and is part of the other owner, Colin Fukunawa’s, name.) is by all accounts a serious burger spot, with a bit of whimsy thrown in.

As you step into the dining room, full of flats creen TVs and a streaming feed akin to the one found on the Fükü truck with Twitter feeds, the feel is purely “burger joint spot,” meaning grab a brew, order your food and enjoy the music with your friends.

Six burgers comprise the menu at Füküburger, all at the reasonable price of $7. Sides include creamy macaroni salad, steamed rice “moco style” with hamburger or beef links, garlic or the best side ever – Jazz Fries. The Jazz Fries are garlic-crusted fries with brown gravy and a spicy sauce that goes by the name of “crack sauce.” I have to agree, they’re so good I could eat Jazz Fries as a main meal anytime, anyplace.

The burgers are packed in thick, marinated in spices, which give the made-to-order patties a nice, sweet tang. The Buta Burger, with applewood-smoked bacon, pickled onions, cheese, wasabi mayo and Japanese barbecue sauce, has to be on your list of burgers to try. The blend of spicy and sweet, along with the miso glazed salty bacon to finish it off, is heavenly. If it was up to me, I could’ve had this burger and decided this was the lone reason to visit Füküburger.

But then I tried the “Egg” or Tamago Burger, with crispy fried onions and a fried egg. One of my favorite things when I’m eating eggs is to have the yolk break over the rest of my plate, and the Tamago did just that. One bite and the yolk started oozing down the patty making everything a bit gooey – just the way I like it!

If you are looking for what makes Füküburger so special, try the original Fükü Burger. This is your “meat and potatoes” version and shows off the Fükü seasoned patty the best, with the pickled red onions, mayo, lettuce, tomato and special Fükü-sauce. I found this burger paired with the macaroni salad very satisfying.

I like that the “bells and whistles” added on the other burgers are just enhancements, they don’t mask the flavor of the actual meat patty – just like a well-made burger should be.

The bar options to complement your meal range from $5 Lagunitas beer to sojus and sake. Try the apple sake and order a pitcher of beer - they even have Sapporo on draft. I guarantee you will be so happy, especially paired with those garlic fries.

All in all, this spot has staying power. Even though it’s near a couple of reputable burger spots, the energy and fun mix of ingredients make it the go-to choice. I would say that they’re almost on par with the best burger ever – In-N-Out, of course!

A few words of caution on your travels to Füküburger: It is on a very busy street, so make sure you really read those parking signs. It’s usually safe to park on Selma Avenue. Also, if you’re dining on the weekend, make sure you get there before the late-night crowd does!

For more information, call (323) 464-3858 or visit