With the holidays and final exams fast approaching, it’s time to get centered so you can be in your best frame of mind. I am a big fan of yoga, and there are so many studios and fitness gyms in Los Angeles that offer various kinds of practices. The art of yoga, from Hatha to Kundalini, is a full body experience that not only works your muscles, but your mental well-being. That can be a very liberating, but not so much if you feel rushed out for the next class or pressure to spend your money.

Located in Santa Monica lies a two-story studio, NAAM Yoga, which is not only one of the largest spaces, but very welcoming. Makes sense, as NAAM Yoga is a real community-driven establishment, with most of the items offered in the gift shop from local designers and fellow members of the studio.

As you step in, it is quiet, a soothing kind of lull to start your experience. The NAAM practice blends eastern and western traditions that eradicate your stress and improve the oxygen and energy flow between your body and brain. At the NAAM studio, there are about seven different classes you can take for wellness. If you think yoga is a bunch of easy poses, I suggest you try the Vinyasa Flow, a heavy stretch and balance practice that will get you sweating in no time.

NAAM is a membership-based studio that offers many special offers for students. Inside the studio there is a full lounge for you to relax and use your computer (free wi-fi). If you’re in-between classes and don’t have time for yoga but want to relax, try the lounge. It’s a nice place to spend the day while studying for your finals. Take a yoga class or two and then study in a relaxing environment.

For more information, visit naamyoga.com.