Eggs, eggs, eggs! I love all things eggs. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert or snacks, eggs are up for the occasion. Add eggs that are on the go, and you’ve got Egg Slut, the new eggstrordinary new food truck gracing the streets of Los Angeles. I first heard the term “egg-slut” back in 2009 as used by famed Chef Anthony Bourdain and again by “Top Chef” magician Richard Blais. Months later I read that a truck was in the works by up-and-coming chef, Alvin Cailan.

Chef Cailan, a 2010 culinary graduate of the Oregon Culinary Institute, began his journey over two years ago working as the Chef de Partie at Portland’s Ten 01. He made his move to California and set up as the Entremetier at Manhattan Beach Post, co-owned by Michelin star winner David LeFevre. An Entremetier is one who is responsible for the rich soups, hearty vegetables and, you guessed it, egg dishes.

Chef Cailan explains, “I’ve been cooking eggs since I was a kid. Being Filipino, we always had three things in the refrigerator: rice, milk and eggs. So coming up with an egg-centered menu wasn’t too difficult.”

Chef Cailan and his partner, Hazel, were throwing around ideas for a brick-and-mortar setup, but ultimately decided that a gourmet food truck would be the best option.

“I created several different menus, and after weeks of tasting and number crunching, we decided that [the] egg concept was the [most] universal. Eggs can be paired with everything,” he says.

As the Egg Slut description aptly states: “Egg Slut is not your ordinary fried egg and omelet, our eats are savory, changing and downright amazing! We like it wet, hard and on top of everything, our eggs that is.” And that’s exactly what you get when you order from the friendly server eager to take your order.

Everything at Egg Slut is not only reasonably priced, but very filling. Start off with the hard-boiled bacon-wrapped eggs, with the creamy mayo spiked with sriracha. You can get one, two or four in an order – perfect for sharing.

The burger/sandwich selection is really diverse but leans towards more of an ethnic palate, like the Mexican-inspired Nita with crispy fried pork, Cotija cheese, a perky vinegar chimichurri and a bright over-easy egg just waiting to add the right amount of goo nestled between two slices of evenly toasted brioche. Or try the Egg Daddy, a good, old-fashioned beef burger with roast tomatoes, heart of romaine, sweet caramelized onions and a pretty perfect fried egg. The layers of flavor keep building as you take a bite, and the portion size is just enough so you feel full but not heavy afterwards. If it’s not enough, order a side or bowl of creamy egg mac and cheese.

The signature Slut, a coddled egg atop mashed potatoes served in a glass jar is the most popular option for Egg Slut goers, with a nice chunk of toasted crostini just begging to be dipped into the rest of the glass jar party. Coddled eggs are very gently cooked eggs and are a bit of a rarity unless served poached in a Benedict setting. In my opinion, they are sadly underrated in this fast-paced, fast-casual city, and I like that a food truck takes the time to present the eggs in this fashion. And you get to keep your recyclable jar, a little nuance that only adds to the charm of Egg Slut.

How about a snack? Order the Not’cho Slut. I know eggs on top of nachos might sound a bit weird, but it’s almost like you’re eating a nice plate of chilaquiles. Who doesn’t love that? Add to it, huge chunks of braised beef and, now it sounds like something you can’t afford not to have right? Next time I go to the movies, I’m taking an order of these with me. I’ll gladly risk getting in trouble with the theater management to have these by my side.

All in all, Egg Slut is really about eggs at their best. I like that the accompanying ingredients are basic but seasoned really well, and everything matches your eggs – no one thing overpowering the other. This truck is not a gimmick, and I can foresee the truck surviving in the food truck industry. Who knows, maybe they’ll open a brick and mortar? Hopefully right outside my door.

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