Attention USC Trojans … we made it! We have survived the majority of the semester, enjoyed our much-earned Thanksgiving Break and after finals are done, we can enjoy the holidays. In California, you know the holidays are here when it’s Halloween, and there’s already a Christmas section on display.

Now I know that finals can take up a lot of our time, and we may not be able to do Christmas shopping, but have no fear, the USC Bookstore is here. A lot of you may think, “I don’t know if my mom wants a $75 Spanish book for Christmas,” but the USC Bookstore has more to offer than that.

Lately, in our normally bright Southern California, it’s been very cold and gloomy, so coats and scarves are a must. At the bookstore, they’re having their Holiday Sale that includes jackets, scarves, gloves and hats. We must be bundled up for the future games, so why not cheer our Trojans on to victory rocking USC gear?

While you’re getting some goodies for yourself, make sure you pick up some stuff for the family too. They have USC ties for dad and even women’s watches/bracelets for mom. Nothing says “I Love You” like a “FIGHT ON” watch. They also have the new 2012 USC Football Calendars featuring our beloved Trojans. Nothing starts off a month better than seeing our men in Cardinal and Gold.

If those aren’t to your liking, head down the escalator and you can find greeting cards to send out and cute tops to dress up in for the holidays coming up. If you have gamers in your family, you can swing into the tech lab and buy some cool stuff. They have everything from beats by Dr. Dre to the new “Modern Warfare.” I know it might be the unlikeliest place you would think of going to buy gifts, but the bookstore has more to offer than books.

Other things to look for at the bookstore are “BEAT UCLA” shirts, jerseys and “Fight On” grills which are new. Tailgates are part of the USC experience here, and Trojans grill in style. If your family and friends are coming down for a game, make sure you direct them to the bookstore. You can even order stuff online.

There are even UCLA versus USC game-day shirts from the big game last weekend. These shirts are new and only cost $22.99. They’re cardinal gold featuring the USC and UCLA helmets going head to head. The shirt also states the date of the event and where it was held. These shirts will go lovely with a “BEAT UCLA” pin for only a dollar.

In case the USC Bookstore is a little too pricy for your wallets, homemade gifts are always a plus. From scrapbooking to making a USC color jewelry box, homemade gifts with a USC theme give a personal touch and are awesome gifts to give to loved ones this season.

Wondering where to get supplies? Well the University Village (UV) has plenty of options, but I recommend the dollar store. There you can buy frames, paint, construction paper, markers etc. Now I know this may seem childish, and even third grader-ish, but trust me, they look nice. Plus you know that to your parents, you’re still their baby regardless of age.

For example, my sister made me a jewelry box for my birthday and a picture frame with multiple pictures of us and stickers. The jewelry box was painted Cardinal and Gold, with USC glitter letters on the top of it and a picture of us wearing our USC gear. That was one of the best presents I received on my birthday; for Christmas, that gift would be just as special.

Those are some quick tips for presents to give to family and friends if money is a little tight. Make sure you enjoy the holiday … now go shop!

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