The Plain Jane routine isn’t going to cut it for fall. From jackets to shoes, it’s all in the details: brocade, embroidery, sequins, grommets, fur, lots of pattern and velvet, velvet, velvet.

"Opulent" is the fashion adjective of the moment. The theme is everyday luxury. So, update your work suit with an Edwardian blouse. Go bohemian with a full skirt but in an unexpectedly dressy fabric, like satin or taffeta. Buy a seemingly frivolous patterned coat – with its fitted cut and feminine details, it can do double duty as a dress. Pair creams and brown with rich jewel tones or dress in black (perhaps you’ve heard, it’s back) from head to toe. And wear velvet – did we mention velvet? – all day.

"A lot of things we’re seeing right now are very familiar pieces, but they’re done in a new fabric or color," says Nordstrom fashion director Gregg Andrews. "It’s about juxtaposition – denim with velvet. That makes it easy to get a lot of use out of it."

If you were to buy just one new piece (and bravo, if you’re that disciplined), it would have to be a fancy, fitted jacket. Andrews calls it the "special jacket" but says you shouldn’t save it for special occasions. Wear it to the office with a crisp shirt and trousers. Wear it out to dinner with jeans and lingerie-inspired camisole. Wear it to a party with a full taffeta skirt.

Everyday luxury means the still-present bohemian influence and dressing up are not at odds. This time around, the bohemian look is more refined, Marshall Field’s fashion expert Laura Schara says. Slouchy tops are cinched with decorative belts, for example. There’s an Eastern European flavor to the tiered skirts, romantic blouses and layered necklaces you’ll see all over the mall.

So what does it all mean for your wardrobe? Embrace the embellishments. If jeans with beading or a velvet jacket is too much for you, consider a glamorous scarf or detailed handbag or decorated shoe. Says Schara, "It’s fun to have unique pieces."