A Flight of Angels (Vertigo)
Conceived and illustrated by fantasy art legend Rebecca Guay, this Canterbury Tales-esque graphic novel brings together five writers from the world of fantasy, including Holly Black, Bill Willingham, Alisa Kwitney, Louise Hawes and Todd Mitchell, each with a different take on the identity of a mysterious angel.

Joe the Barbarian (Vertigo)
Grant Morrison’s latest follows Joe, a fatherless, bullied 11-year-old with diabetes. When his blood sugar drops, he starts hallucinating. Suddenly, his house is transformed into a perilous fantasy world, and Joe must set off on an epic quest to the fridge before he enters a coma.

Marzi: A Memoir (Vertigo)
A stunning graphic novel debut, Marzi is the story of creator Marzena Sowa’s life growing up in Communist Poland in the 1980s, as she struggles to understand the frightening, crumbling world around her.

The New York Five (Vertigo)
Brian Wood crafts a fitting sequel to The New York Four, catching up with four NYU girlfriends in their second semester of college as they contend with romances, secrets, coming of age in the Big Apple and the arrival of a homeless girl named Olive.

Return to Perdition (Vertigo Crime)
The sequel to Road to Perdition picks up in the ’70s with the grandson of Michael O’Sullivan back in the United States after getting out of a Vietnamese prison camp. Unaware of his crime lineage, Michael Satariano joins up with the mob as a hitman and sets out on a bloody road of retribution.

The Unwritten: Vol. 4: Leviathan (Vertigo)
Mike Carey’s modern day fantasy centers on Tom Taylor, the son of a world-famous writer who abruptly disappeared. Now, Tom – the inspiration for his father’s boy wizard hero – discovers that his magic powers might be real as he flees a shadowy conspiracy. Tackling hefty themes while playfully sending up numerous literary icons, The Unwritten is a classic in the making.