For now, the answer is yes. The University of Oregon Ducks still rule in the football category of the new Pac-12.

With a 49-31 victory over the visiting UCLA Bruins in Eugene, the Ducks showed why they should make an appearance in the 2012 Rose Bowl. The win improved the Ducks to 11-2 overall while ending the Bruins’ season at 6-7.

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel was fired days before the game, but that did not stop him from wholeheartedly coaching the team in his last game at the throne of the Bruins’ football program.

“You know, say what you will about how we got here, so on and so forth, but looking up at those banners and seeing Oregon and UCLA on that deal was a treat for me, something that I’ll have for a long time,” Neuheisel tells the media. “We didn’t get to where we needed to be, but they can’t take this away from us.”

Neuheisel strove to deliver wins to the school right from the beginning. Now, the public and nation await the new head of the squad.

Quarterback Kevin Prince produced somewhat of a solid evening for the group, passing for 164 yards and two touchdowns, but he was sacked four times and that hurt the Bruins all game long. Prince also rushed the ball 15 times for 31 yards and a TD; he will certainly be the leader next season.

Nelson Rosario had eight catches for 98 yards and two touchdowns, but that wasn’t enough for the visiting team. The Ducks were just too strong offensively, defensively and with special teams. The Bruins, however, managed to score in each of the four quarters.

One of the main reasons the Ducks won was running back LaMichael James, who had 25 carries for 219 yards and three TDs. Quarterback Darron Thomas had 20 completed attempts for 219 yards and three TDs.

“They can take my job,” Neuheisel says. “But they can’t take those boys away from me.”