There is no “I” in team, but there is one in “holiday”! No classes, no worries – it’s all about you! Celebrate your time this year by celebrating all the other holidays rolled into one vacation holla-day!

Utilize your time as if it were Thanksgiving by trying out a new recipe or a new restaurant you’ve wanted to go to. If you choose something with eggs, pretend it's Easter and be happy you found something new. Eat a lot of it like its Fat Tuesday and enjoy more. Holla!

Celebrate your time like it’s Presidents Day and Veterans Day by taking time to honor and appreciate this country – with all its wonderful holidays – and the people who have served us. While you’re at it, try to figure out whom you’re going to vote for in the upcoming elections. Holla!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Earth Day in the winter by going green and doing something useful for the environment. Holla!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by learning about other nationalities’ history and culture. I know it’s learning something and all, but it’s much more interesting and fascinating than what most of us were learning over the past four months. Holla!

Celebrate your time off like it’s Halloween by taking it all off instead of putting a costume on. Treat yourself to a spa day by being naked, pampered and happy during the day for a change. You can even show off your chest like it's Mardi Gras! Let someone else do all the work like it’s Labor Day! Holla!

Now that you’re feeling good that you have time to feel good, celebrate your free time like its Valentine’s, Father's or Mother's Day by doing something nice for someone you love. They will love the surprise and you’ll be surprised at how good it feels doing it randomly. Holla!

Celebrate like it’s Columbus Day by discovering something new about you. Go somewhere you’ve never been, listen to some music that you’ve never heard or read something you’ve never read. Any day could be like a Good Friday, New Year’s Day and Independence Day when you’re celebrating and discovering something new, especially when it's all about you. Holla!