Hip hop covers a wide scale from the sexually soaked lyrics of Lil’ Jon, R. Kelly and Ludacris to the "Jesus Walks" and College Dropout anthems of Kayne West, all the way down to the tales from the ’hood told by rappers like Jay Z, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg. But somewhere in between the rants about "bling bling" and "pimpin’ all over the world," Ohmega Watts has found a way to inject a heavy dose of humble hip-hop lyrics into a music scene best known for its talks of flash and cash.

Watts’ The Find drops a laid-back vibe similar to tracks created by musical masterminds like Common, Mos Def and Talib Kweli. But this Brooklyn-born rapper (who has also been digging through crates as both an MC and producer for nearly 10 years) has developed a funky, old-school NYC flavor that continues to change the rules many may use to define hip hop.

"Saturday Night Live" discusses the popular topic of nightclubs, however, instead of rapping about his most expensive pair of Gucci loafers, Ohmega Watts isn’t afraid to admit that although he stays "dressed to impress," he may be "wearing Payless." The Find also has beats that make you want to break dance, along with several chill-out tracks like "Mind Power" where Watts promotes waiting for love and offers the ladies a rare message about dating, in which he warns: "… Slow down hun/Inspect his motives with time/’Cause most men are only interested in spreading your thighs."

Grade: A

The Find is currently available.