Twilight, the black metal super-group made up of members of Draguar, Leviathan, Xasther, Krieg and Nachtmystium. Their self-titled CD is black, heavy shit, and it mesmerizes!

"Exact Agony, Take Life" is a strangely melodic black-metal tune. "As the March of Worms" is a fun one, fully loaded with head-blistering ferociousness (too fast even to headbang to!). "Larval Liaise" begins with an almost Iron Maiden-esque attack and continues to develop into a platter of raw meat and sadism. "Beyond Light (Beautiful and Malignant)" is an epic piece that finishes off the album with a ritualistic calmness.

It may scare some black metallions away when I say this, but there seems to be a bit more melody in this disc’s offerings than is normally heard in the black-metal scene. But, I feel that adds to the uniqueness of the album. We still hear lots of droning guitars and impossibly speedy double bass, but this is a strong album, one that sounds like a lot of attention was placed on its creation.

"White Fire Under Black Text" begins to sound repetitive, but still wild and untamed. "Hopeless Etheride" has some killer guitar blazes and "Woe is the Contagion" is so fast, it almost sounds like a wall of noise. Black-metal fans will dig this, and any newbies who want an introduction to the scene should check this one out.

Grade: B

Twilight’s self-titled new album is currently available.