Untitled Document College students are known to keep some pretty bizarre hours. They’ll stay up until all hours of the night – to finish their schoolwork, maybe, but just as often to play "Halo 2" or drink cheap wine coolers. They’ll wake up at the crack of noon – whether they have morning classes or not (three cheers for teachers who don’t take roll!). And as far as keeping regular mealtimes or even cooking, well, they’re pretty impossible. This is why Jerry’s Famous Deli is a beacon of hope to 18- to 22-year-olds everywhere who enjoy a good meal even if they can barely remember to eat.

If ever there was a college student-friendly place to eat out, Jerry’s is it. With restaurants in Studio City (its flagship restaurant), Marina del Rey and West Hollywood, Jerry’s is never too far away from any hungry 20-something. But the Westwood Jerry’s, with its close proximity to UCLA, remains the best Jerry’s location for the college-aged kid (though the restaurant caused a small uproar with the Bruins when they cut back weekend hours a few years ago). Indeed, with neighboring businesses such as Penguin’s Frozen Yogurt, California Pizza Kitchen, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and the Mann Bruin Theatre, it’s a fine location for a big night out.

The idea behind the deli menu is that of a traditional New York delicatessen for the Los Angeles set. Sadly, this means L.A. prices for menu items (full-sized entrees are $10 to $15, but trust that they are full-sized). But if you were looking for cheap food, you’d still be eating ramen noodles alone in your dorm room (we hope you’re not).

Jerry’s is traditional through and through, from its popular matzo ball soup to the various kinds of pastrami sandwiches. The menu is so ridiculously big that you’ll find the same basic entrees, like sandwiches, prepared a thousand different ways with a thousand different side dishes – from lox on bagels to omelets. Breakfast is served all day – they know they’re serving college students, after all.

Jerry’s hopes to capture not only the flavors of New York delis, but their style as well. Their theme is "Broadway," though you might not know it unless you look closely (in the corners of the Westwood Jerry’s are curtains and a chandelier, made to look like a theater balcony). But its dim lighting, vinyl boots and marble floors do have a certain Big Apple flair to them. Customers can also purchase meats and sweets at the counter a la old-time delis or request catering services.

With a cool atmosphere and awesome comfort food, you can’t beat Jerry’s Famous Deli. And, admit it, could you really cook a better meal anyway?

Jerry’s Famous Deli in Westwood is located at 10925 Weyburn Ave., 90024. Hours: Open 24 hours Fri and Sat, Sun-Thu 7 a.m.-2 a.m. For more information, call (310) 208-3354 or visit www.jerrysfamousdeli.com.