<i>The Adventures of Tintin</i>
Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) and Tintin (Jamie Bell) in The Adventures of Tintin.
(Credit: © 2011 Paramount Pictures)

I’m a fan of the comic book series by Hergé; I’ve read them all. That’s why this review is going to be unfiltered and with as little bias as possible. There are several aspects of this movie that need to be addressed. But overall it’s entertaining, and that’s most important. Ninety percent of us go to movies to get away, to be entertained, to experience something that isn’t what we deal with every day.

So, is this movie worth going to see? Yes. Is it worth going to see in 3D? Eh … not really. The extra dimension really does make a difference with the animation, but that’s it. There’s nothing flying out at you, other than the main titles in cartoon.

And now this is where things get real honest. The graphic novels that were put out years ago had awesome illustrations and really gave a unique perspective to comics and storytelling. They could have easily been replicated this time around, and in 3D would have been awesome.

But they aren’t. And what’s worse of all is that they actually do the main titles exactly how the original books were done. Then it fades into this computer animation trying to look like a real-life version of cartoon characters but in digital format like The Polar Express and The Golden Compass.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. The story is excellent and could have been done in a much more appealing way. I’m not sure how well this movie will do in the United States. The characters look kind of creepy, and the dialogue is pretty highbrow.

The positive is that it truly looks beautiful in some parts. The action sequences are exceptionally fun; yet I think of the original books and how they looked, and I miss it. It really is a shame that it went this way. If you want to start getting into Tintin go see this film, but make sure to read the graphic novels as well.

The Adventures of Tintin releases in theaters Dec. 21.

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