Untitled Document Ironic that the Getty’s current exhibition – Pictures for the Press (see photo spread on page 25) – comes at a time when the trust is doing all it can to keep itself out of the papers. The exhibition complements Scene of the Crime: Photo by Weegee, running concurrently, which delves into the work of crime photographer Arthur Fellig, better known as Weegee the Famous. The exhibition features a selection of memorable news images from the 1940s to the 1970s depicting war, politics and the civil rights struggle. If you were a photojournalist, that 30-year span was your orgy. And Weegee was the … orgy master? What was the name of that guy from Eyes Wide Shut who told Tom Cruise to "Remove your clothes"? Whoever he was, that’s who Weegee was in the photojournalist orgy.

With privileged access to emergency calls and line-up rooms in Manhattan, Weegee, like some sort of superman, would magically appear wherever there was a crime. Often becoming the story himself. Snapping a burglar arrested in front of a candy store, the headline ran: "Police Report: Weegee Covers an Arrest and a Fire." At a time when mobsters and crime seemed glamorous, Weegee was taken in as well, often donning a fedora with a cigar hanging from his tough-talking mouth. Later, though, as the exhibit shows, he became more mordant in his sensibilities, renaming his 1941 newspaper image Brooklyn school children see gambler murdered in street to the new title, Their first murder. Remove your $7 parking fee and let the visual orgy begin.

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