As a woman, it’s key to feel your best at work, home, or hanging with the girls. However, not everyone is born with an entourage at her side so finding a place that works well for your budget, beauty and convenience can be a challenge…until now! In October 2011, Blushington’s Makeup and Beauty Lounge opened it’s doors to make those impossible dreams come true offering professional makeup jobs, at an insanely affordable price for the Everyday Ladies. And since opening at the Sunset Plaza, the boutique has already been receiving a very warm welcome to many makeup-deprived women adding itself to the list of tiny treasures you can find ONLY in LA!

Upon first entering you’re immediately transported into a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere with friendly faces, upbeat music, and a warm environment of trained professionals. After waiting a moment or two in their decadent lounge of soft grays, lovely corals, and sparkling whites, you’ll then be escorted to one of the 14 vanity stations to meet your makeup artist! Once you’ve taken a seat, and eyed a peek at Blushington’s own Look Book to select one of 6 options, you can ease your mind, close your eyes, and let the magic start as your pampering begins!

Having six different Full Looks, all costing only $35.00, they range from fresh and everyday looks like Pure & Simple, Life of the Party and Simply Glowing to the more glamorous nightlife looks Cutting Edge, Lucky Stars and Smoke & Mirrors. But not only will you receive a stunning look and application from an elite makeup artist, but your makeup includes top brands such as Stila, Kevyn Aucoin, BECCA, Julie Hewett and Temptu, which are also available for purchase at Blushington.

However the dream doesn’t just stop there! Not only does Blushington offer professional services in makeup application, but the salon also has add-ons such as lash application and airbrushing ($15-$20), eye brow maintenance and facial waxing, ($10-$30), eye makeup application ($25), lash extensions ($175), and brow/lash tinting ($15-$20). They even offer a special Sweet Pea look for little girls who’ve just stepped in with their mom’s. Perfect for ladies of all vocations;  it’s a great place to visit for headshots, interviews, spa days, or even Mommy and Me time!

But if you’re one of those girls who would also love to be educated on the beauty world, Blushington has 3 different classes to finely tune ladies on everyday beauty as well as those special nights out. Their classes cover all angles going from quick and simple tricks, to day and night looks. There’s New Mommy ($75), which is catered towards the gal on the go with less then 15 minutes of time to get ready. Makeup 101 ($100), that gives the basics on how to apply and buy makeup that’s suitable for you. And finally, there’s the Advanced Class ($200) covering all your makeup needs from the primer you put on for everyday looks to the crimson red lips and sparkly eyes you dawn for night-time glam.  Blushington also encourages ladies to bring in their own makeup for classes to get a top-notch opinion on what works, what doesn’t, and the essentials you need for your look!

The boutique is also the perfect spot if you’re planning a big event, such as a wedding, bachelorette party, girls’ night out, Sweet 16, or prom. They offer At-Home Services to come see you, or you can bring your party to Blushington where they offer an option of renting out rooms or the whole lounge to transform you and your party into Hollywood starlets. Each room has multiple ipod stations for your own DJ mix, and at your request they will deliver lovely glasses of champagne while you’re getting your face done! It’s the perfect touch to make any outing special and any party fabulous!
Truly a memorable experience at any age, Blushington is a luxury worthy of any women’s ‘To-Do’ list for 2012. For your own appointment, visit the lounge located in the Sunset Plaza at 8591 Sunset Blvd, or go to their website at It will no doubt be your new #1 guilty pleasure in LA and turn those normal days into fabulous occasions!