Every child has a dream.

When they are very young, there is usually a hint or whisper of what they will become. Two young creative artists/performers offer their talents to a very important cause. They will both be performing at the gala benefit, “Command Performance” for The HARC Foundation at Gebert Gallery on Abbot Kinney Blvd., Saturday, February 4 at 2:00 pm.

Although these two artists have never met, they have something in common -- a clear-cut vision of what they would be doing with their lives.

For poet, Stacy Gnall, originally born In Ohio but now residing in West Hollywood, her love of poetry was the first thing she remembers. She explains, “I’ve been writing ever since I was a little girl. I would dictate poems to my parents before I could even read or write. I’ve somehow always known I wanted to be a writer. I had fantasies in elementary school of living in a remote cottage in New England because that’s what I thought writers did! I began writing and performing my work seriously while I was an undergraduate at Sarah Lawrence College.”

Rebecka Larsdotter, singer, songwriter/composer recounts her early journey, “I’ve written songs for as long as I can remember. In fact, I have a recording of a song I wrote at the age of two. I decided this was what I really wanted to do around 2006 and have since performed and written on a more serious basis.”

Both artists are excited to be involved in this special performance for The HARC Foundation. Created in 1990 by Susan M. Marchese, The HARC Foundation (Help Artists & Rehabilitate Children) was created with two purposes:  the first was to discover, support, promote and present emerging creative artists from all art disciplines. The second was to promote the use of the creative arts as a therapeutic science in the rehabilitation of abused and neglected children.

Larsdotter explains how she became involved in HARC, “I was introduced to Susan Marchese through a friend/pianist in Sweden. HARC is a very good foundation in my opinion! Apart from being a musician, I also teach and have seen how children can be helped by music education.  It’s a powerful tool.”

A composer she met in a class at USC last year introduced Stacy Gnall to Susan Marchese. Gnall talks about her upcoming performance and her poetry, “My poetry is a blend of fantasy with reality. They are both airy or ethereal and meditative. What I hope they convey is that there can be great beauty even in great trauma.” She adds, “I’m quite thrilled about the event. HARC’s dual mission of supporting the arts and using art as therapy for children is actually quite close to my heart, and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to get involved with the foundation.”

Rebecka Larsdotter will be performing mostly originals and songs that are also available on her newest album, Feathers & Concrete. Though in recent months, Larsdotter has traveled between LA, NY and Scandinavia, for this performance her band is composed of musicians she has played with while in LA. Musicians include: Mahesh Balasooryia (piano), Zane Musa (saxophone), Dale Black (bass) and Zack Harmon (drums).

Saturday’s event (February 4, 2:00 p.m.) will offer a salon style concert performance featuring additional international creative/performing artists Markus Pawlik, Patricio da Silva and Yevgeniy Milyavskiy. Wine & antipasti from Mosto Enoteca will be served.

In addition to the concert, a silent auction of art will be held featuring the works of local creative artists Derrik Van Nimwegen, A.M. Rousseau, Darla Warner, Elana Kundell, Les Mayers, Carol Henry, Candace Biggerstaff, Leo Garcia and Domenico Foschi.

Tickets are $50 (tax deductible donation per person as allowed by law) and can be purchased on HARC’s website via credit card at http://www.harcfoundation.org/donations.html.  Student discounts are also available with proper Student ID at $20.00 per ticket by calling HARC at 310.823.2310.

“Command Performance” is being held at the Gebert Gallery Feb. 4. For more information, visit www.gebertgallery.com.