Pray For Us is only a four-song E.P., but it is a really good introduction to this Austin-based five-piece. The band specializes in psychedelia, and true to their Texas roots the Saint James Society puts a bit of a southwest spin on some of their tunes. This is especially apparent on the track “Reflections” where the rhythm comes from a tribal drumbeat and bells that recall what you might hear during a Native American ceremony. If there happened to be peyote involved in that ceremony that would fit the song too, as layers of guitar and vocals swirl together contentedly, not too anxious to break out of the inner sanctum that is the mind. “The Devil, an Angel and a Broken Window” has a luxurious sound reminiscent of the Verve, while the E.P.’s remaining two songs are a bit more garage-y and sound more like other up-and-coming psych bands like Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats and Skullbot.

Grade: A