Just about everyone could use more energy, especially college students, and although it was nearly two decades ago when I graduated from USC, I vividly remember those draining all nighters studying for finals, late-night football games, frat parties and having a part time job to top it off. College students are constantly on the go, and that means burning up more physical and mental energy. While coffee and soft drinks may provide temporary boosts, there are other, more health-sustaining options that can not only improve your energy levels but your health, your skin and your mood too. Best of all, they are easy to find and modesty priced to fit the student budget.

Sound too good to be true?

World-renowned doctors, practitioners and health experts who will be speaking at the 8th Annual Health Freedom Expo, held at the Long Beach Convention Center on March 2-4, have some tips for you:

1) Sleep. Nothing can substitute or rejuvenate like a good night’s sleep, and living in a frat house, sorority or sharing a dorm can make this harder than it seems.  For starters, investing in earplugs can decrease the noise that often contributes to lack of sleep. Air purifiers will also help; aside from removing the dust and free radicals from the environment, they have the added benefit of contributing to sounder sleep. A calcium/magnesium supplement is also a great natural sleep remedy.  One of the many known benefits of these supplements is their ability to put the body in a relaxed state. According to Mike Adams of Naturalnews.com, calcium has been known as “nature’s tranquilizer;” however, in order for calcium to work effectively it must be taken with magnesium in an absorbent form such as a capsule or in a liquid.

2) Juice made from organic raw vegetables. A decent juicer costs less than $100 and will last you far past your college years. Alex Jamieson, the vegan chef behind the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, gives many raw food suggestions and recipes for increasing your energy and overall health in her bestselling book, Vegan Cooking For Dummies.

3) Try a multivitamin with B vitamins and selenium. Jonathan W. Emord, a constitutional attorney who has drafted many health bills for Congressman and presidential candidate, Ron Paul, is constantly on the move. One of the ways that he stays at the top of his game is by taking Oncor, a powerful vitamin developed by esteemed cancer doctor, Charles B. Simone.

4) Release toxins in the body through massage. While all massages will help to achieve this, a Chi Nei Tsang massage specifically targets the lymph system. Radio host and holistic health practitioner Vaishali says, “A Chi Nei Tsang massage aids in the breaking up of congestion within the lymph system, tones and supports the lymph nodes, and facilitates the fluid’s movement throughout the body. The cleaner the body, the more energy we tend to have.  A massage works directly on the entire digestive system and is a powerful technique for lymphatic care.” You can learn about techniques such as Chi Nei Tsang at The Health Freedom Expo, where Vaishali will be demonstrating. Since this massage is designed to be self-administered, once you learn how to do it, you have a lifetime of free treatments.

5) Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Sometimes life can seem a little daunting, and you can come away from your day-to-day interactions feeling disempowered and frustrated.  A low grade on a midterm, a fight with a friend, or a professor that seems to have trained on Mars, can seem like the end of the world. However, these thing are temporary. Dr. Cochran, a licensed clinical social worker, transpersonal psychologist and ABC-TV health contributor in Northern California says, “The key to recognizing, utilizing and actualizing your innate power and wisdom comes from using a technique called ‘Whole Brain Thinking’(WBT). While it is true that we cannot fundamentally change who we are, we can absolutely change how we express and how we feel about who we are. ‘WBT’ will change your life, your work and your relationships.”  The more at peace we are mentally, the better we feel physically, giving more energy to enjoyment and excellence during these golden college years.

While there is no substitute for a healthy balanced diet, enough sleep, moderate exercise and lots of clean water, any or all of these additional tips create a formula for better health, and with better health more energy follows naturally!

Join the above speakers and nearly 100 other doctors, practitioners and health experts at this year’s Health Freedom Expo. The Health Freedom Expo is being held in Long Beach, March 2-4, 2012, at The Long Beach Convention Center Exhibit Hall B, 300 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90802. To learn more visit: www.healthfreedomexpo.com or call 888-658-EXPO.