Want to participate in a cultural exchange program that guarantees you paid work experience in Queensland, Australia, home of the Great Barrier Reef? Hospitality students and young professionals are being invited to apply for the Work Experience Australia program, a joint venture of cultural exchange organization Alliance Abroad Group and Tourism Queensland. The first-of-its-kind program guarantees participants a job placement in advance of their travels, as well as travel insurance and assistance with visa paperwork, transportation and in-country needs while abroad.

Not only is the program a unique opportunity to experience life down under, but those participating are also well compensated for their work. “If overseas experience isn’t enough motivation to consider working in Australia, the starting salaries our partners have agreed to should be more than enough to entice students of the hospitality industry, where international experience is a valuable differentiator,” says AAG’s Chief Executive Officer Victoria Lynden.

While gaining valuable work experience is obviously a plus, the location next to Asutralia’s pristine beaches is another big draw. The Qualia Resort, located on Hamilton Island, is one of the participating employers and is considered to be one of the finest resort properties in the world.

There is a fee to participate in Work Experience Australia, and participants must pay their own way to Queensland, but there is also a tax refund that students earn that can help offset these expenses.

Application information is available at www.australia.allianceabroad.com.
For information about Queensland, visit