Untitled Document Jackie O. made them famous, and now they’re back in fashion again. Suddenly small lenses look so last year. "Big plastics and squares are hot right now," said Helene Black, manager of the Sunglass Hut in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

"They’re part of a trend for Euro fashion."

Finding just the right pair of glasses always involves lots of time-consuming try-ons. To make the process go faster, follow this simple rule: choose frames that are the opposite of your face shape. A round face should wear angular frames. A square face should choose rounded or oval frames. This gives your face contrast and style.

Even the hippest sunglasses aren’t complete without the right lenses.

Lenses with a neutral-colored tint – gray is popular – are versatile and functional because "they reduce light exposure without distorting colors," explained optometrist Dave Shultz of Urban Optics in San Luis Obispo.

Popular lens types:

Anti-reflective: These lenses have a metallic coating that reduces the amount of light reaching the eye.

Polarized: A layer of transparent chemical film is applied to lenses and acts as a filter, absorbing light. These lenses are great for driving because polarization reduces glare from smooth surfaces like pavement.

Photochromic: Also known as transition lenses. These lenses are popular for prescription glasses, because the coloring change depending on light exposure, darkening in sunlight and fading indoors.

Tint: Tinted lenses shade eyes from bright light, but do not alter color perception. Tints are especially useful for seeing light-colored objects without distortion. Rose tints are great for golfers or tennis players.

Gradient: These lenses are dark on top and light on the bottom. They offer additional protection from reflective surfaces by preventing light from entering the top of the lens and allowing more rays to come in from below.

Face types and the shades that flatter them:

ROUND: To elongate a round face, choose angular glasses with rectangular or square lenses.

OVAL: An oval-shaped face is balanced and can wear almost any sunglass shape. To maintain symmetry, choose glasses that are proportionate to your face size.

LONG: Those with long faces should choose glasses with thick or contrasting arms to add width to the face. Avoid bright colors and square styles.

SQUARE: To downplay an angular jawbone, choose glasses with rounded or slightly oval frames.

HEART-SHAPED: Also called an "inverted triangle," a heart-shaped face is usually paired with thin frames, vertical lines and oval lenses to complement a small mouth and large forehead.

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