F.Stokes has spoken, again.

A hip-hop, rap and spoken word artist, this Chicago native recently released his latest E.P., titled Love, Always. It contains seven inspiring --and quite touching --tracks filled with provocative lyrics.

F.Stokes is a true poet in his tunes, a quality rarely seen in rappers nowadays. His combination of elegant hip-hop and blunt poetry make him a rare talent in the industry.

Featuring blends of soul and blues to go along with catchy hip-hop sounds, Love, Always is a truly unique and creative album. In "My Simple," F.Stokes details his "simple town," displaying his love and pride for his hometown.

"Decades" is by far the most intriguing track on the disc. "If I prostitute my soul for a place to rest my bones," F.Stokes rhymes as the song begins with a joyful wave of music. In "Decades" he is honest with his rhymes, and still manages to sound like one of the greats with tones like that of Ludacris or Kanye West.

F.Stokes, born Rodney Lucas, has toured all over the world, including stops in France, Austria, Germany and Australia. Additionally, he has performed in several colleges throughout the U.S.

Grade: A

Love, Always is  available now.