It’s always fun to watch people perform, especially when they’re intoxicated. But if you’re the shy type, watching your best bud stagger onto a karaoke stage may make you want to disappear under your barstool. Not to worry, Los Angeles has the answer to that problem and it’s called the Orchid Karaoke Club – a place where performing in privacy is the specialty.


Get everybody in your party singing, dancing and laughing by booking one of Orchid’s 18 secluded rooms. They come fully furnished featuring walls covered with mini television screens next to top-notch video and audio equipment under spinning disco lights. More serious "entertainers" can even request professional lighting to practice creating a vibe fit for the pros. For those simply looking to fool around with a few friends for a night, it’s never been easier to put a drink and mic in their hand because each space is equipped with a handy little device known as the "butler’s button." Give it one push, and all the liquor, food and music you need will be delivered directly to your private oasis.


The Karaoke Club is also coupled with a dinner lounge serving full-scale Korean cuisine (and a few American classics like chili cheese fries and onion rings). Although the food is award winning, the décor also deserves five gold stars for excellence. Some areas are pitch black with electric blue lighting strips creating a sultry glow. Candlelit velvet booths are placed between indoor palm trees, stainless steel waterfalls and backdrops displaying tropical sunsets. To top it all off, a dancing mix of some of the best colors in the rainbow are projected onto illuminated towers throughout the lounge. During dinner or after a little karaoke jam, the plasma screens that fill the dining room and the 12-foot projector screen that sits above the bar broadcast sporting events, movie screenings and music videos providing extra entertainment.


Ever requested a drink from the bartender that wasn’t in stock? That's another problem you won't encounter here. Orchid is claimed to have the largest liquor selection in the Mid-Wilshire area, housing over 150 brands of alcohol – whiskeys, rums, cognacs, wine and champagne paired with a huge variety of chasers just to name a few. But the main attraction is the bar’s martini menu that features 100 different combinations of ingredients. It doesn’t matter if you like your martini Cajun, Cuban, Jamaican or Manhattan – you name it, they’ve got it.

Hours: 5 p.m.-midnight Sun-Thu; 5 p.m.-2 a.m. Fri-Sat. To make private dinner or karaoke reservations, call (213) 251-8886. For more information, visit