Bread and cheese are good individually, better when they’re together, and the best when grilled. There is a certain shade of joy that one can only experience while eating a grilled cheese sandwich. The crispy, gooey, comforting lunch-time favorite even has an entire month dedicated in its honor, and Clementine is celebrating this sandwich in style for the month of April.

Clementine’s regular menu offers a lovely spread year-round, including gourmet spins on some tried-and-true lunchbox staples like ham and Swiss, egg salad, and even liverwurst, but trust when we say that these are not your mama’s sandwiches. However, every April for the past 11 years, Clementine devises a menu of truly unique grilled cheeses that go far beyond Wonderbread and American cheese.

This year, their “Cheesemageddon” menu includes sandwiches of apocalyptic proportions. We can’t wait to try their Cuban Sandwich Crisis with ham, roast pork, Swiss, mustard and pickles grilled on Cuban bread, and the Planet of the Grapes featuring roasted flame grapes, balsamic-roasted radicchio, brie and roquefort grilled on walnut bread. With names like Shroomsday, Pretzel Paroxysm and Parmageddon, it would be worse than the end of the world if you didn’t make it over to Clementine this month to experience these melts.

Clementine is located at 1751 Ensley Ave., Los Angeles, CA. View their entire grilled cheese menu here.